Seeking Perfection

Ogden’s Over-Achieving Heating & Cooling Pros That Seek Perfection. Every. Time.

Call Us Teacher’s Pet, But Our HVAC Installations Always Earn Straight A’s

Through our professional training and hands-on HVAC experience, we’ve decided everything needs uncompromising attention.


Because this doesn’t only benefit us – it benefits you.

So when installing or repairing your heating or cooling systems, we focus on the details most other HVAC companies forget. At Absolute Comfort, we know the minor details make the difference between giving you a dependable, high-performing product and sticking you with one that needs constant repairs.

Our Ogden customers deserve to be comfortable in their own homes – and we take the time to make sure that happens.

During HVAC Installations & Repairs,
The Details Add Up Quick

As professionals in the heating and cooling business, we know how quickly HVAC repair and installation details add up. So we put the right amount of focus on the minor details of your system to ensure it works at maximum functionality.

Some of these details are below:

  • 3-2-1 compressor saver installs to avoid tripped locked rotor amps
  • Flushing refrigerant lines with the proper R-11 flush to avoid cross-contamination
  • Installing a 4” filter or PMAC air cleaner to give you better airflow and a cleaner system
  • Placing your furnace on a stand for better airflow and potential flooding safety
  • Changing the gas orifice on every install to give you a longer-lasting and more efficient system in your high-elevation home

The list goes on, but hopefully, you get the point – we go above and beyond standard install measures to ensure you get the longest-lasting heating and cooling systems and full HVAC advantages.

Our HVAC Installations Are
Down Right Gorgeous

We know a great-looking heating and cooling system doesn’t necessarily need to look great to function properly, but it sure doesn’t hurt. At Absolute Comfort, we don’t just strive for install perfection – we also aim to leave your HVAC system looking good.

A neat installation and clean system are other signs your HVAC company cares about your experience and respects your home. So, we put in the extra effort to ensure your refrigerant lines are straight, along with your ducts and air conditioner whip.

Plus, you can count on a level furnace and tidy tape and mastic application. This is your home, and we want to leave you comfortable temperature-wise and satisfied overall. It’s just what we do here.

Our Heating & Cooling Team
Is Trained By The Best

We take heating and cooling knowledge and understanding very seriously here at Absolute Comfort — which is why we also take our training seriously. So, our team of technicians is trained by professionals through and through.

Through quality training, our installers learn the mechanics of individual HVAC products and install specifics. After all, you can have the best air conditioner or furnace in the world but find it useless if installed poorly.

Because of our training, we also know how to properly inspect your current HVAC system and spot potential hazards to keep you and your family safe.

One-Day HVAC Installs Without
Compromising Quality

Though the term “one-day installation” may sound convenient for many Ogden HVAC customers, it might sound disastrous to others. But at Absolute Comfort, our one-day installations fall into the first category – convenient AND meticulous.

Our training and experience have taught us how to give our valued customers efficient, quality installations in half the time as the other guys. And we don’t skimp on the details during our one-day heating and cooling systems installations either– we’re just that good.

Simply put – we value your time and energy and work hard to complete our installation projects efficiently while still checking off everything on our startup sheet AND using great-looking mastic tape.

HVAC technician gives thumbs up to camera while holding testing meter

Lifetime HVAC Dependability Starts
With Proper Installations

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — heating and cooling products are only as good as their installations. But there’s another part to that statement too. Heating and cooling warranties are only as good as their installations.

What do we mean by this?

Many HVAC manufacturers offer warranties, but what homeowners don’t know is that the warranty is only viable if the HVAC product is installed correctly.

That’s why we ensure our installations are done correctly and to manufacturer specifications — so our customers are set up for warranty success. For LIFE.

Don’t Risk Getting Left Out In The Cold

Few things are as important to your family as a safe, reliable heating system. Get your furnace system tuned-up today so it’ll be there when you need it. And if you’re having trouble now, contact Absolute Comfort for a lightning-fast response.


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