Ways To Improve The Indoor Air Quality Of Your South Ogden, UT, Home

How To Improve The Indoor Air Quality Of Your South Ogden, UT, Home

Keep Your Family Safe And Healthy With Improved Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality of your South Ogden, UT, home is something that should never be overlooked. While you can’t visibly see what’s wrong with your air, you and your family members will certainly show signs and symptoms of pollutant exposure.

If you notice that allergies are harder to combat or illnesses are rearing their heads, it can indicate a problem with indoor air quality. Taking steps to improve it by removing pollutants and contaminants is essential to ensuring your family is safe and healthy.

We have several suggestions on how you can make the most significant impact on your indoor air quality. Read on to learn more.

Stay On Top Of Changing Your South Ogden, UT, Home’s HVAC System’s Filter

Your HVAC system’s filter is essential to having clean air. As air is drawn into the unit, the filter removes pollutants before the system pushes the air through the vents. If the filter isn’t maintained correctly, it will tax your HVAC system and increase the air pollutant count of your home.

A clogged or dirty filter causes your HVAC unit to work overtime, increasing utility bills and decreasing system performance. While it works harder to cool your home, you’ll experience less overall comfort.

Control The Source Of Pollutants Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

Certain things you may use daily can introduce pollutants into your home. Limiting the sources of these pollutants can dramatically affect the quality of your breathable air.

You may be unaware that cooking is a significant source of air pollutants.

Gas stoves produce far more contaminants than electric burners, but both have negative impacts. To help alleviate this problem, it’s best to always cook while using the kitchen vents or opening a window to allow for better filtration.

Clean The Carpets In Your South Ogden, UT, Home

Your carpets do more than just cover the floor – they can help filter your air. Dust and other fine particles are captured in the fibers, improving air quality. To ensure you get the best results, it’s essential to regularly clean your rugs and carpets. Keep them on a routine schedule of weekly cleanings, and you’ll see a difference.

Investing in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter can help remove the smallest pollutants and irritants. You’ll need to remember to change the filter, just like you do your HVAC unit’s filter, to get the most out of your vacuum.

Invest In An Indoor Air Quality System

Indoor air quality systems can be installed directly into your HVAC system. These are generally UV systems that emit UV-C waves. These naturally occurring waves are also known as germicidal UV waves because they kill germs and bacteria.

These systems are 98% effective at killing contaminants the first time they pass the emitted wavelengths. Compared to the cheap UV sanitizers you can buy in the store that require multiple passes, this means phenomenal results for your air quality.

Additionally, you can help prolong the life of your HVAC system with an indoor air quality system installation. As these pollutants are removed, they cannot build up inside your HVAC unit, resulting in a healthier system that needs fewer repairs.

When you hire an absolute professional, you can have a perfectly installed polarized media air cleaner (PMAC) or Bypass HEPA filters on your HVAC system, which offer the best filtration available. Qualified professionals know the value of PureAiRx systems and will ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Choose a contractor with excellent customer reviews to get the best-quality system. Ensure you look for clear-cut statements about the quality of the products they use and the service they provide.

Control The Humidity In Your Ogden Area Home

Decreased humidity in your Weber County area home can lead to irritation and health problems.

Strategically placing humidifiers throughout your home in the most affected areas during winter can dramatically reduce the effects.

While you don’t want to have excess moisture in the air, which can lead to mold and mildew growth, you want enough to ensure your comfort while at home.

Turn To Absolute Comfort For Help Improving Your Indoor Air Quality In South Ogden, UT

If your indoor air quality is a concern at your South Ogden, UT, home, turn to Absolute Comfort for solutions that work. We always genuinely assess your situation with clear-cut answers that fit your needs.

We seek perfection in every installation we complete. Delivering a high-quality system that exceeds our customers’ expectations is always our goal. 

Call Absolute Comfort today at (801) 605–8503 to schedule a free quote.

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