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Heat is a necessity for Ogden homeowners, so when your furnace stops working, you want help now – not next week.

Unfortunately, many of Utah’s heating and cooling companies can’t reach you as quickly as you’d like. With Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning, you almost always get same-day service.

We operate seven days a week and will never leave you waiting in the cold. And when we arrive at your home, we treat you with the respect and courtesy you deserve. We know that we are guests in your home and act accordingly.

Expert Heating System Repair

Too often, HVAC technicians will walk into a home with their heads full of assumptions. Once they get to your furnace, they’ve already decided what they’ll find. And if they’re proven right, that’s when they stop their inspection, leaving in place the worn parts that caused your system to fail.

At Absolute Comfort, we prefer to be much more thorough. We inspect your entire heating system, even if we find an issue right away. We know that most total failures are caused by partial failures up the line.

So, we look at and test everything before we arrive at a diagnosis. Then, we take our findings to you before we begin a repair. We’ll explain what we found, what needs to be done, and whether the repair is a good idea.

That’s right. We give you the full picture, even if that picture says you shouldn’t do the repair. Sometimes, the furnace is just too old and inefficient to recommend repair. Other times, the repair will be so temporary as to be a waste of your money.

And while others may think it’s OK to offer an honest but ultimately useless fix – that’s not how we operate.

Careful Heating System Installation

Proper furnace installation begins with choosing the right product. Our Amana furnaces are among the best made and offer the most bang for your hard-earned buck. Their Lifetime Warranties are impossible to beat, and they offer systems with up to 97% efficiency.

Once we’ve calculated the right size system for your home, we can install it in as little as one day. Our installation process is exacting, as are our standards for each step. We ensure your system is level and that all supply lines are neatly placed and easily reached. We also change the orifices for your gas supply to adjust for the higher elevation in the Ogden area.

Our decades in the HVAC industry guide our methods and procedures, preventing common failures from ever occurring on your new system. Of particular importance (and something few companies do) is fine-tuning your heating system before we leave.

While most heating techs will just turn on your system to ensure it runs before they run out the door, we take the time to get it right. After all, that amazing efficiency rate only happens if the airflow and gas flow are adjusted correctly.

We refuse to walk out of your door until your system runs better than the one in our own home.

Thorough Heating System Maintenance

Have you ever considered how much stress is put on your furnace? It takes a tremendous amount of heat and airflow to push warm air throughout your home. All that heat and pressure taxes your HVAC system to its limit several times a day.

Then, there’s all the dust that collects in the system. All that debris can block airflow, and all that heating and cooling fatigues metal fixtures.

The biggest danger, of course, is damage to your heat exchanger. Cracks in the surface can allow deadly carbon monoxide fumes to escape into your home, posing a severe safety hazard to your entire family.

You should have your furnace cleaned and inspected each year to ensure it operates safely and efficiently. With Absolute Comfort, you’ll get a thorough inspection of every inch of your heating system, especially your heat exchanger.

And if we find anything that needs addressing, we’ll let you know immediately and offer appropriate solutions.

Answers To Your Most Common Heating Questions

While we all rely on our furnaces to keep us warm and safe through the cold winter months, few homeowners know much about their heating systems. Here are just a few of the most commonly asked heating questions.

How do I know if my heater needs service?

Like most machines, your furnace often tells you when it needs help. Look for the following when your furnace is running:

  • Noisy – banging, squealing, thumping, or repetitive clicking are calls for help
  • Bad Odors – sulfur-like, smokey, or burning smells are all signs of serious trouble
  • Increasing Energy Bills – if your heating bills have taken a sudden uptick, there’s likely a problem with your HVAC system

What can I check before I call Absolute Comfort for help?

Sometimes, you can solve your furnace problems without our help. If your system isn’t working right, check the following:

  • Furnace Switch – check to ensure your furnace switch didn’t get bumped off
  • Thermostat – ensure your thermostat batteries are still holding a charge
  • Air Filters – furnace systems will not run if the filter is too clogged

Why would I want to replace a heater that works?

The efficiency of modern furnaces can be as high as 97%, while furnaces from just a little over a decade ago barely crack the 80% mark. When you add in decades of use, you’re lucky to get 60% efficiency from an older heating unit.

Modern furnaces use self-adjusting blower motors, better sensors, more efficient heat exchangers, and less fuel while offering superior performance.

Replacing your old furnace can help lower your energy bills all year long if it’s connected to your cooling system. Not only will you be doing your part to decrease our carbon footprint in the Ogden area, but the system will pay for itself long before it’s time for a new one.

What brand of furnace do you carry?

We carry Amana furnaces as our exclusive brand. With their ingenious designs, long-lasting heat exchanger, and up to 97% efficiency, few brands even come close to offering the same value.

Do you offer Lifetime Warranties?

Amana offers a unique lifetime heat exchanger warranty on their furnace systems. While other companies offer 20-year warranties, they only cover the heat exchanger. So, when the repair is finished, you have a brand new heat exchanger inside a 20+-year-old unit.

With Amana, you get a brand-new unit. They don’t want to throw a new heat exchanger into an old machine, so they replace the whole thing if the heat exchanger fails.

Now, they find this a safe bet mostly because they build their heat exchangers to last forever. But, if it fails anyway, they want to ensure you won’t have trouble ever again.

What areas do you service?

We cover the general Ogden, Utah area, as shown below.


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