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At Absolute Comfort, We Give Ogden Area Homeowners
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We Hold OURSELVES To A Higher Standard

When we decided to create Absolute Comfort, we wanted more. More control, more ingenuity, and definitely more honesty. The home services industry around Ogden has earned itself a pretty lousy reputation, and we were tired of being painted with the same brush.

We wanted the freedom to make the right decision without some boss criticizing us for ‘underperforming.’ We wanted the power to make the changes our industry needed so badly. And while we may not have changed the industry, we can be proud of our little corner of the HVAC world.

We know that our customers always get fair assessments of their equipment and proper advice on how they should proceed. The systems we install are all top-notch, and our process is second to none.

All it took was a willingness to put what’s right ahead of what’s profitable and ensure that every team member shared our core values.

Bone-Deep Core Values

Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning was founded on five key principles we felt were missing from our industry: Integrity, Accountability, Trust, Compassion, and Teamwork.

Integrity – We do the right thing 110% of the time. That means no cutting corners and no hiding mistakes – even if that means hopping in the car to return part of a cash payment that had been miscalculated. And yes, we did exactly that on one occasion.

Accountability – If we mess up, we make it right. Once, we used the wrong coil on a system. Everything worked properly and cooled the house just fine. But when we noticed that particular coil did not have an AHRI match, we removed it and installed the correct one.

If we hadn’t, we would have left their warranty at risk, so going back was a no-brainer.

Trust – We will never bump our recommendations to reach a specific ticket level. If all you need is a quick tune-up, that’s what we’ll do. And if we find all we had to do was flip a breaker – you won’t be paying labor on that call.

Compassion – We understand that heat isn’t a luxury and, some days, cooling is nearly as essential. We always do our best to ensure you get the service you need. We’ve all experienced hard times in our lives and know the value of true kindness.

So, when we have an opportunity to do a good deed, we don’t hesitate.

Teamwork – Every member of our team is focused on one thing – taking care of our customers. If that means stepping out of our lane, so be it. One thing you’ll never hear from anyone in Absolute Comfort is, “that’s not my job.”

These core values guide our every decision and will continue to as we keep growing. No matter how large we get, these values will remain central to our policies and procedures.

Simple Genius From Amana

We carry only Amana products for our HVAC installations. We could make a ton of profit placing low-grade equipment into people’s homes, but that’s just not how we roll.

We’ve found that Amana’s heating and cooling equipment is the best of all worlds.

They aren’t the cheapest or the most profitable, but they offer our customers the most value for the money. From furnaces to air conditioners to heat pumps, Amana simply can’t be beat for overall quality and efficiency.

And best of all, their systems will work with every electronic thermostat made. There’s no need to spend $500 or more on a fancy proprietary thermostat. No. Whatever you have now will work just fine – with one exception.

If you purchase their S-Series heating and cooling system, you’ll be spending money on a special thermostat. Those HVAC units communicate with one another and require a special thermostat system for best results.

Always Seeking Perfection

We want your new installation to work as efficiently as possible. So, though perfect is unachievable, we keep shooting for it anyway.

We place your furnace on a stand for better airflow and level it to improve performance. We check and recheck everything from the power lines to refrigerant charge and gas flow. And we change the orifices to account for the increased elevations in the Ogden area.

Even our supply lines are lined up neatly, some with strain reliefs set in just in case something might move. We also add surge protectors to keep your delicate electronic controls safe and install 3-2-1 compressor savers because we noticed they eliminated a common problem down the line.

There’s a whole list of things that we do that most HVAC installers would never consider. We don’t mind the extra steps. After all, they save us from having to come back later.

Unbeatable Lifetime Warranties

We’ve all seen the standard HVAC warranty. Maybe 10 to 20 years on the heat exchanger and compressor and far less on the rest. We don’t play that way.

Our Amana furnaces, AC units, and heat pumps all come with Lifetime Warranties. And unlike the shorter warranties on the other brands, Amana replaces the entire unit if a compressor or heat exchanger goes bad.

You see, they realized how silly it is to attach a brand new heat exchanger to a 10, 20, or 30-year-old heater, controller, and motor. It’s a literal waste of everyone’s time. So, when the main component of your system goes bad… you get a brand-new system.

Is there any wonder why we only carry Amana?

Absolute Professionals

Ask a friend for three words to describe the home repair industry, and they’d likely pick late, unfriendly, and hinky. We don’t blame them.;


We’re determined to change their minds.

When you receive an Absolute Comfort technician into your home, we can guarantee three things: They’ll be on time (or you’ll know why ahead of time), they’ll be well-groomed, in uniform and smiling, and you’ll know exactly what they plan to do and why before they take any action.

Too many companies have forgotten about the service part of the home service industry – but not us. We’re doing our best to ensure ‘service’ is the primary goal of our company.

We know that when friends talk about home repairs, the repair is assumed. What they actually discuss is the service, and we don’t ever want to be on the bad side of such a conversation.

With Absolute Comfort, you get absolute professionals from the first phone call to the final handshake. And yes, we still shake hands.

Giving Back To Our Community

At Absolute Comfort, we are grateful that we’ve been welcomed so warmly by the Ogden area community. To show our appreciation, we’ve become involved with a number of local charitable efforts.

Since opening our doors, we’ve sponsored the Ogden Rotary Service Above Self golf tournament each year. This program recognizes young people who have done outstanding work throughout the community by awarding them with educational scholarships.

We also donate to the Ogden Rotary dictionary project. This program gives every 3rd grader in the Weber and Ogden School District a free dictionary.

We’ve also participated in the oldest furnace contest, where the person with the oldest furnace in Ogden gets a free furnace (minus installation). When it came time to install the new furnace, we didn’t have the heart to give anyone a labor bill, so we donated our labor, too.

And we’ve donated turkeys to the Catholic Community Services at Thanksgiving.

We can’t thank our customers enough for allowing us these opportunities. While taking in a perfectly arranged furnace installation is pretty nice, it can’t compare to the smile on someone’s face as we give them the gift of efficient heat for the rest of their lives.

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